**This page will serve as your program for the event.  You will have up to 2-3 sessions to choose from per hour. All additional updates will be posted here as they are received.  Questions? Email julie@rmstechspa.com


Classroom A:

Topic: Putting Uncle Sam In His Place: Tax Strategies, Exit Planning, & Retirement Education

Speaker:  Douglas Marion, Advanced Wealth Strategies

Description:  Discussion of taxation consequences of various business and structured entities, retirement planning, exit and succession planning, targeting key employees, tax-advantaged income and investment planning.

Classroom B:

Open at this time


Topic:  Prospecting Strategies of a Sales Ninja

Speaker:  Jennifer Payne, Capital Bankcard South

Description: Sometimes when we’ve been in business for awhile it’s easy to let prospecting slide through the cracks. Jennifer is going to share some sales strategies and techniques that attendees can implement immediately to help them generate new business every day.



Classroom A:

Topic:  The Power of Brand Consistency: Why It’s So Important & Strategies to Achieve It

Speaker:  Stephen Borchert, The Brand Affect

Description:  One important brand factor has the power to boost your company’s value, and it’s completely free: brand consistency. Your Brand is more than just your logo – it’s the way you do business, handle your customers and represent yourself in the community and gaining brand recognition moves you to the next level – trust and loyalty with your customers. In this session, you will learn strategies for building a brand that is versatile enough to handle multiple marketing and social media platforms, while keeping a consistent theme across all of those medias.

Classroom B:

Topic:  The Basics of Background Checks and an Intro to the Fair Credit Reporting Act – FCRA

Speaker:  Michael Barnes, Unique Background Solutions

Description:  In the world of background screening there are many misconceptions. This session will provide you with the basic understanding of the background check system and we will define the facts and myths. We will discuss what is a background check, how and where the data comes from. We will discuss the Fair Credit Reporting Act and leave you with five items that will limit potential lawsuits against your company.


Topic: Google Drive Makes It Easy

Speaker:  Julie LaChance 

Description:  Google Drive is one of the most powerful tools in G Suite, by Google.  From documents to presentations to spreadsheets and even surveys, you’re sure to find this a useful tool in your everyday life!  If you’re a Gmail user, this tool is included with your account and if your business is run by G Suite, you have it too, at no additional charge!  In this session, you will get an overview of what is available including a few tips and tricks to help you use it to amplify your business!



Classroom A:

Topic:  The Power of an Owner’s Mindset

Speaker: James Pagano, The Growth Coach

Description:  As an entrepreneur, you are under constant pressure to continually achieve better results. You must strive to excel, and be the best version of yourself in order to optimize your contributions to your business. This is no easy task, and can potentially pull you in many directions. In this interactive session, James will share insight and practical approaches to help you better understand the power of a true owner’s mindset, and how this level of strategic perspective and performance can help guide you toward a higher level of professional success and personal fulfillment.

Classroom B:

Topic:  Building a Powerful Producing, Professional Network

Speaker: Mike Waite, NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)

Description: Outward-focused networking reaps innumerable returns. A simple adjustment in mindset, based around listening to others and keeping a mental library of who needs to know whom, can make you the most sought-after, trusted resource and networking contact in your market.


Topic: 8 Ways to be a Better Boss

Speaker:   Rusty Stevens, Advanced Tech Systems and Automation

Description:  I have been in some type of management role since 1990 and have been running my own business since 2002. While in the restaurant business I had people ask me how I kept my turnover low since it was rare that my employees left for anything other than a better position. I had never thought about it especially given the amount of turnover that is expected in that business. I have since applied those principles to ownership and added a few. In the Security industry it is important that you have continuity with your staff as it is very important for your clients to know who is coming for service.



Classroom A:

Topic:  Network Security 101

Speaker: Scott Donaghy, Best In Tech

Description:  Ideas of how to protect your network, your data and how to avoid basic mistakes that puts companies at risk.

Classroom B:

Topic: Brain-Based Techniques for Enhancing Business Presentations

Speaker: Kiran Budhrani, UNC-Charlotte

Description: This session highlights presentation design techniques to add little surprises to your presentations. Learn how to present information that is clear and memorable, add interest to slide content, organize with structure and visual cues, control information overload, and apply practical brain-based neuroscience techniques to enhance wordy, dull presentations.


Topic: You Might Need a Business Attorney If….

Speaker:  John Woodman, Sodoma Law

Description: During this session Business and Commercial Litigation Attorney John Woodman will discuss the basics of your business and the law in North Carolina. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company this seminar will have something for everyone.




Classroom A:

Topic: How a Lack of Liability Insurance Could Cost You or Your Business Big Bucks

Speaker: Joe Keener, Pruitt Keener Insurance

Description:  Obtaining proper amounts of Liability Insurance may not be the most exciting part of any individuals or business owners financial planning, but it is the most important one. Regardless of an individual’s or company’s size of wealth, not having the right amount of liability insurance coverage could end up leaving you with a huge bill for any damages or injury that you are considered liable for.

This session will help you understand how you or your business can protect your assets properly with Liability Insurance. On average $35.6 Billion is paid out by small business owners to settle claims each year. The National Safety Council has estimated that the average comprehensive cost of a motor vehicle incapacitating injury cost $208,000 dollars and a fatal accident’s comprehensive cost on average is $4.1 million dollars. Having gaps in liability coverage versus assets can leave individuals and business on the hook for any monetary difference.

This program will help you better understand what gaps you or your business may have. It will also reference real life examples to consider. Lastly you will be able to walk away with ideas of how to better protect yourself and/or your business.

Classroom B:

Topic:  Getting a Business Loan — The Inside Story

Speaker:  Steve Kinzler, NewDominion Bank

Description:  The Steps a Business Owner Needs to Consider When Getting a Business Loan.

1. Relationship
2. The Why
3. The How Much
4. Knowing WHAT…the bank is measuring
5. The Who
6. The How
7. The Wait


Topic: A Hodgepodge of Tech Tips

Speaker:  Julie LaChance, RMS Tech Spa

Description:  Stop by the ballroom to find answers to common techie questions such as:
-How do I find my phone when it is lost?
-Why do I need multiple users in my web browser?
-What is an extension and why do I need them?
-How do I get my business visible on Google Maps?



Classroom A:

Topic: Leveraging Personality to Improve Hiring, Reduce Turnover, Grow Leaders and Increase Profitability

Speaker: Scott Babbidge

Description: Beginning with an interactive discussion of Personality and how Personality affects Behavior and progressing into examples of Job Models and Personality Assessments, the participants in this high energy session will gain an understanding of how valuable Behavioral Analysis can be to a business. Time will also be spent helping business owners and leaders with understanding how leveraging their strengths can improve their satisfaction with work and Scott will also provide attendees with “1% Mindset Strategies” that will help attendees to ensure they are thinking and acting like the 1% and not the 99%!!

Classroom B:

Topic:  SEO Strategies for Beginners and Beyond

Speaker:  Matt Nadolny, Face of the Earth Media

Description:  In this session, we’ll start from the beginning and work our way up. We’ll briefly cover the basics of SEO and define a few important terms, then we’ll jump right into the good stuff. How can you, the owner of a small to medium sized business, start implementing a few basic SEO tactics today in order to make your website more visible to your potential customers on Google, Bing, and other large search engines?


Topic:  5 Things I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey that will CHANGE your success!

Speaker: Kim Wojnowich, Inspiring You to Live Boldly

Description:  Building my own business has come with success, failure, and personal growth all at the same time. In this session, I will share 5 important lessons that I have learned that are crucial to achieve success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, in sales, a manager, or any position in your career- these lessons are vital- and will also effect your enjoyment along the journey!