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7:30-8:30am: Registration


8:30-9:00am: Welcome


Classroom A:

Topic: Living Boldly- Top 5 ways to Be Your own Advocate and Live your Best Life.

Speaker:  Kim Wojnowich - Inspiring you to live boldly

Description:  Tune in to this session to hear the Top 5 ways you can start to be an advocate for yourself and live your best life physically and financially!


Classroom B:

Topic: DYNAMIC GOAL SETTING - Avoiding the 5 pitfalls that derail your goal achievement

Speaker: Scott Babbidge

Description:  SMART Goals are DUMB! In this session you will learn the 5 deadly sins of goal setting and why making these 5 mistakes in the goal setting process derails your achievement before you even get started. At the end of this fast paced, thought provoking session, you will be armed with a new strategy for setting and reaching your DYNAMIC goals!


Topic:  Open for Vendors

Speaker: Vendors

Description:  Arriving a bit late or simply need to speak with some of our awesome vendors?  This would be a great time to do it!  The ballroom will be open for you.


Classroom A:

Topic:  Who would buy your business? A buyer’s perspective on succession planning strategies

Speaker: Matt Pozda

Description: Learn what others look for when wanting to buy a business to help you position yourself for a move to sell your company.


Classroom B:

Topic:  Business Exit Strategy: How to plan for retirement

Speaker:  Robin Woodell - Emerald Financial Group

Description:  This session will educate business owners on how to plan for retirement, including how to use the business as part of the retirement picture. We will discuss all retirement planning options, how they may be of benefit to the business currently, and how to protect and set up the business from a financial standpoint to prepare for the day you exit your business



Topic: Tech Bash 2018

Speaker: Julie Stevens - RMS Tech Spa

Description:   Join this fast paced session that will expose you to new tools and devices you can use in the workplace...or even personally!  This is your opportunity to get a look at SEVERAL apps, gadgets, softwares and hardwares that can make your life a bit easier! Don't spend the time researching the latest and greatest tech tools for yourself or your business, join in on this session and the work is done for you!


Classroom A:

Topic: The Importance of Charitable Giving

Speaker:  Lauren Borchert - The Brand Affect

Description:  Charitable giving should come from the heart, but not without involving your head!
In this session we will:

  • Breakdown the importance of donating time, talents and funds to non-profit organizations
  • Learn how to pre-qualify a non-profit for a charitable donation
  • Learn about the myths and truths of what it means to be a good steward of donor dollars
  • Uncover the charitable giving implications associated with the 2018 tax reform bill

Classroom B:

Topic:  The World's Best Known Marketing Secret

Speaker: Gina Herald - BNI

Description: In this program participants will learn how to leverage the powerful benefits of referral marketing including the following:
- How to inspire "promoters" and "creators" for your company
- How to increase the profitability of your existing network
- How to use the referral process effectively to increase your revenue
-How to find referrals for others - which in the spirit of "Givers Gain" means more opportunities and profit for your business



Topic: How to gain long-time clients versus a one-time customer

Speaker:  Rusty Stevens - Advanced Tech Systems and Automation

Description:  I will be going over steps necessary to gain a long time client. My business is predicated on recurring revenue and for over 15 years I have been working on the art of keeping them long term. We will discuss together how to engage, read, and react with your potential client. How to ask the correct questions and how to put together a story to tell because Stories Sale.

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch & Keynote


1:00-1:30pm: Vendor Sessions


Classroom A:

Topic: Building a Powerful Producing, Professional Network

Speaker: Mike Waite - NARI

Description:  Outward-focused networking reaps innumerable returns. A simple adjustment in mindset, based around listening to others and keeping a mental library of who needs to know whom, can make you the most sought-after, trusted resource and networking contact in your market.


Classroom B:

Topic: Would You Buy Your Own Business?

Speaker: James Pagano - The Growth Coach

Description:  One of the joys of running and owning a business…is that you run and own your business. In other words, you are the one in control of (and responsible for) what you do, the market you serve, the people involved, and the overall direction of your organization. Many small business owners, however, often struggle with the last point made: overall direction. In addition to the many complexities and responsibilities that come with small business ownership, you must have a clear picture and firm hold on the overall direction of your organization: your long-term aspiration and potential “exit strategy”. Thinking long-term is not always an easy perspective, but it is an important exercise and discipline to embrace. So, “would you buy your own business?”. Asking this question forces you to think through your business’ current state: the good, the bad and the ugly. In this interactive session, James will share some insight and practical approaches to help you navigate some details behind this question, and how this level of perspective may lead to a higher level of professional success and personal fulfillment.



Topic:  Roundtable Discussions

Speaker:  Julie Stevens


  • It’s Friday, we haven’t collected on a big receivable that was promised, and we’re concerned with making payroll on Monday.  What are our options?
  • Our business just got a bad review on the BBB site, and it’s made up of false information/lies.  How should I handle?
  • We’ve been in business for _____ years, and it’s been a lucrative job for the owners, however, we don’t know how to put a value on the business.  Where do we turn?  How do we turn our business into an asset?

Are questions like this on your mind?  Join the roundtable session and discuss with others the answers to these questions and perhaps even pose your own questions!


Classroom A:

Topic: It’s not as bad as you think.  In fact it’s better than ever!

Speaker:  Jonathan Malone - GCG Wealth Management

Description:  Ignore the talking heads on television.  Everyone in journalism has an agenda they are pushing, a narrative they are trying to get you to buy into, and another negative story to push in your face.  I have no agenda to push. I plan to share facts. The US economy is stronger than ever. The balance sheets of US corporation are better than they have ever been.  Inflation is here. Interest rates are changing. The stock market is volatile. What is going on? Come and hear facts about our economy, small businesses, tax reform, the stock market, and why the next few years may be the best ever for Charlotte, small businesses, investors, and you..


Classroom B:

Topic:  Network Security and Ransomware - Yes it matters to you

Speaker:  Gene Choquette - Encore Technology Group

Description:  Hackers, viruses, ransomware are not targeting you, they target everyone. Learn methods to secure your network and how to prepare and recover from a ransomware attack from people that have been there done that.



Topic: Time Management for Busy Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Hugh Grey - High Achievers

Description: Learn how to manage yourself so that you make the best use of your time. Too often, people misuse time on tasks that could be performed at a better time and lack focus on their priorities. We'll cover the mindset for effective time management and then some practical tips to be more effective with time.


Classroom A:

Topic:  How to Create Equity with Renovation Lending

Speaker: Ginenne Rife

Description:  A fun and interactive overview of different lending solutions for renovation projects.  Attendees will learn what improvements are allowed, a general overview of different programs and how to build equity through renovation lending using other people's money.  


Classroom B:

Topic: Creating and Maintaining a Stellar Online Review Image

Speaker: Palash Desai - Maid Pure Charlotte

Description:  In 2016, the Pew Research Center released a study showing that 82% of Americans use online reviews in making purchasing decisions. The fact is that even with all other forms of advertising from print to social media, consumers will check online reviews before making that initial phone call for more information. However, shockingly, most companies do not take a proactive role in managing their reviews. Some believe that it is completely out of their hands. In this session we will discuss how a stellar online reviews can be created on the most important sites such as Google, Angie's List and yes....even Yelp!



Topic: How a Lack of Liability Insurance Could Cost You or Your Business Big Bucks

Speaker: Joe Keener - Pruitt Keener Insurance

Description: This session will help you understand how you or your business can protect your assets properly with Liability Insurance. On average $35.6 Billion is paid out by small business owners to settle claims each year. The National Safety Council has estimated that the average comprehensive cost of a motor vehicle incapacitating injury cost $208,000 dollars and a fatal accident’s comprehensive cost on average is $4.1 million dollars. Having gaps in liability coverage versus assets can leave individuals and business on the hook for any monetary difference.

4:15-5:00: Business Smackdown/Prizes

5:00-7:00: After Hours Networking Event