Where do I park?

There is a large gravel parking lot next to the event space. You’re free to park there.  There is also parking on the street and in the parking lots surrounding the building. Here is a diagram to help you figure out where is best to park:

advent parking

Can I use the co-working space?

Unfortunately, we are not taking over the entire building as this space is used by the Advent Co-working Membership.  Please be courteous as you move through the co-working space.  

What is Advent Co-working?

Advent is a space dedicated to getting work done in an open atmosphere.  Their members come to Advent to work.  There are open tables, dedicated desks, even private office space.  It’s wonderful for a small business to not only get work done, but be able to network with the other members! 

How should I dress?

Suits optional! We will be wearing jeans and BizCon t-shirts! You are welcome to wear whatever you want that best represents you and your company.  We do encourage you to bring a layer just in case some of the rooms are cold.  

What if I have to take a phone call?

There are spots to tuck away in for phone calls, there is also a great space outside in the sunshine.  Trade & Lore, is also right next door and would be a great spot for a cup of coffee, glass of wine or a snack while you work if needed.  

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring a laptop or a notebook.  There is free wifi.  You’ll surely want to take lots of notes from the 4 awesome speakers!

Can I connect before I attend?

Absolutely!  We are on Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to follow us and connect with other attendees prior to May 7th!

Where is the after party?

Trade & Lore has been gracious enough to allow us to party at their pad!  It’s right next to Advent.  They serve coffee, tea, beer and wine! There will be a menu to select from and specials for BizCon attendees!  And remember, the first drink is on us! You’ll find your drink ticket in your attendee lanyard. 

What are you waiting for?

Be sure to reserve your seat for this amazing educational event today!