Keynote Topic:

Making your Team Rock


About Rusty Stevens:

Rusty Stevens was born in Fayetteville, NC and raised by his father at a time when it was unheard of for fathers to raise their children. Without a mother around he learned early on how working as a team was the most efficient way of getting things done. He also found throughout his life, many different experiences where working on a team played a role:  His favorite sport as a child was Football where he earned best at his position throughout Fayetteville; He fell in love with music and played percussion in the middle school band; During High School he worked on tobacco farms and hay fields.

While Rusty was at Appalachian State University as a communications major, he found a love for the restaurant business where he spent 12 years in management. During his time in restaurants, he formed a successful regional Rock and Roll band which opened for acts such as Dave Matthews, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Edwin McCain to name a few. Then, with all of these experiences in his pocket, in 2002 he had an idea to start his first company, Advanced Tech Systems and Automation, Inc. This company, where he has managed Low Voltage projects as large as the NASCAR Hall of Fame tower in downtown Charlotte, NC is still thriving today and continues to grow each year.

The Common theme in all of Rusty’s life experiences is that they each require teamwork and communication. Rusty has spent over 35 years navigating in and out of various environments that require him to learn to be proficient at building and managing teams by putting the right people in the right places and communicating how to achieve optimal success by reaching the common goals set for each project.  


Keynote Details:

The keynote will take place during the final session and is included with your ticket to BizCon 2019.  Grab a beer from the bar, sit back and enjoy!