Kate Wells, MBA

Human Resources & Organizational Development Consultant

Seeking People, Keeping People, Ten Tips for Entrepreneurs

Session Description
Very few entrepreneurs start a business because they love hiring and managing people. Yet those first few hires are crucial – team members need to be able to perform a wide range of job functions, work long hours, be a self-starter, and bring a cheerful can-do attitude. Finding such people is a daunting task fraught with the anxiety of Getting it Right. Once chosen, the onboarding process can make or break the success of a new hire. This presentation focuses on practical hiring process tips that help you identify the candidates who will not only perform well, but who are a great fit for the team. It will address practical questions such as when to do background checks, reference checks, when to use other screening tools, how to make job offers, how to approach compensation and benefits discussions, how to onboard and evaluate progress.


Organizational Development and HR Consultant in Startup and small company space. I love the people side of business, finding the best people, bringing them onboard with a thoughtful training plan, and then creating the framework for their success. My diverse background and experience in start-up and small companies includes: Building a new company Human Resources Infrastructure including legal compliance. Building and enhancing organizational assessment, design, and development of resources, managing company-wide employee engagement surveys. Leading strategic planning processes and development and implementation of strategic initiatives for company growth. Developing and driving continuous improvement initiatives including development of management metrics and SMART goals for functional departments and employees. I have demonstrated business acumen, extensive business management experience, good listening, analytical, and leadership skills, which allow me to quickly build positive relationships with clients and employees.

What do you do for fun?

Hike, Camp, Explore National Parks, Read, Learn, Improv Comedy, Laugh as often as possible.

What are 3 awesome things you’ve done or you are proud of?

  • A positive, caring, trusting relationship with my two awesome young adult daughters.
  • That when I leave an organization my employees bring cards of gratitude and appreciation for what they have learned and the work place I created.
  • Not so much proud but grateful for the spiritual and emotional growth that has become the heart centered foundation for my interaction with the world.

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