Lisa Bass

Identity Theft Awareness Training

Session Description
The purpose of this training is to educate on the various types of identity theft and how they can impact your life. Business owners need to understand what identity theft is about because it impacts key personal / employees and potentially their clients. Think about Home Depot, Target, Equifax, Capital One, Atrium Health (AccuDoc). There have already been at least 17 data breaches impacting personal information on over 2.2 million individuals. The problem is bigger in size and scope than most realize.


I have worked with LegalShield, representing their legal & identity theft protection memberships, for over 11 years. I have learned, and I’m enthusiastic to train others about, the many facets of identity theft. Most believe that identity theft is financial in nature but our licensed private investigators have shown that only 17% of all ID theft is credit or money-related. During my training, participants become clear that financial ID theft is easily resolved and it’s all the rest that can land them in jail or worse!

What do you do for fun?

I love to travel to new locations… always meeting fun new people wherever I go.

What are 3 awesome things you’ve done or you are proud of?

  • I always operate with the most integrity – looking for a win-win in situations. My father taught me all you have are your character and integrity.
  • I am a successful female entrepreneur and a sought after trainer within and outside my company.
  • Even though I consider myself an introvert, my greatest joy comes from training and educating others.

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